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In This Article I Am Going To Teach You How You Can Get Google AdSense Approval Fast, And What Are The Minimum Requirements Of Getting Google AdSense Approval Fast. 

In Today's Time All Want To Earn By Using Their Mobile Phone Or Their Laptop, And However There Are Lot's of ways to earn online using mobile phone or PC's. But Google Adsense Is A Best Platform To Earn Online, But There Are Some Rules Created By Google To Start Earning From Google Adsense And You Must know That What Are They? If you own a website and now you want to make money through your website you just need to make your website friendly in order to get Google Adsense approval. 

In This Article - 

1. What Is Google AdSense 

2. How To Earn From Google AdSense 

3. Minimum Requirements For Google AdSense Approval

What Is Google AdSense? 

So The First Part Of This Article Is That What Is Google AdSense? Google AdSense is a Programme Run By Google Through Which Website Owners, YouTube's Etc Make Money.

Now You Might Have Another Question That How It Works? So Let Me Tell You About This 

Google Has A Huge Audience On YouTube, And On Google Also, So Many Of Bands Use Google Ads To Promote Their Products And The Brands Pay For It, After That Google Shows These Brand Ads On Other's Website Or Anyone's YouTube Channel, In This Way Google Takes 55% Of Payment From Brands To There Selves And Other 45% To That YouTube Or Website Owner Through Google AdSense Where The Ads Were Displayed. 

How To Earn From Google AdSense? 

In Order To Start Earning From Google Adsense You Must Have A Website Which Is Approved From Google, But Google AdSense Have Some Requirements To Get Google AdSense Approval On Your Site. So What Are They We Will Discuss Now.

Minimum Requirements For Google AdSense Approval.

So Following Are The Points You Need To Follow In Order To Get Approved From Google AdSense. 

1. Must Have Unique And Own Written Content 

You Need To Write Your Article By Your Own Mind And These Articles Should Be Unique, You Can't Do Any Copy Articles From Any Other Website And Paste That Article In Your Website. If You Do So You Will Never Get Approval from AdSense.

2. Write At least 20Articles Before Submitting Your Website In AdSense, And The Minimum Article Length Should Be 500-1000 Words. 

3. Add Your Site on Google Search Console 

Make Sure At least 20 Of Your Posts Are Indexed In Google, For That You Need To Add Your Site on Google Search Console.

4. Create Some Important Pages 

You Need To Create Some Important Pages Like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy And Disclaimer Etc 

5. Use A Simple AdSense Friendly Theme 

Another Important Point, You Must Use A Theme that Is AdSense Friendly and Through Which User Can Easily Navigate From One Page To Another. 

6. Purchasing A Top Level Domain 

This Point Is Optional, If You Are Using Blogger Then You Can Get Approval On Sub domain But It Takes A lot Of Time In It, So Better To Purchase A Top Level Domain Like .com, .In, .xyz Etc

So My Friends These Are Some Requirements To Get Approved From Google AdSense, If You Follow These Rules And Create Your Website Accordingly Then Now One Can Stop You From Getting Google AdSense Approval. 

I Hope You Find This Article Helpful And Enjoyed It.

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